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Finns Boutique Swim Centre: Where Water Becomes a Playground for Confidence

Updated: Mar 28

Imagine a world where learning to swim isn't a chore but a joyous adventure. At Finns Boutique Swim Centre, Malaysia's first and only research-driven swim school, that's exactly what they've created. Their motto, "Childhood is too short to be ordinary," reflects their dedication to creating extraordinary experiences for children. Gone are the days of shivering children facing stern instructors. Here, the focus is on sparking a child's natural curiosity and love for water.

Bryan Yap - founder of QidzMov® and JQTS® Bryan Yap's story is a testament to this philosophy. Years of teaching children, starting at a remarkably young age, ignited a burning question: Why do some kids blossom in the water while others seem hesitant? This curiosity led him on a journey of research, challenging traditional methods and exploring the beautiful connection between a child's physical growth, emotional well-being, and how they learn best. Bryan's journey has led him on a path of research since 2009, exploring the connection between a child's physical development, their emotions, and how they learn best. A crucial turning point came from an unexpected source: his own newborn child. By observing his little one's natural reactions to water at different ages without any formal instruction, Bryan discovered something remarkable. This "neutral" subject, his own child, blossomed in the water with a newfound confidence, learning to swim with surprising ease at different developmental stages.

This experience challenged the traditional belief that a rigid, skill-based approach was the only way to teach children at all ages. Finns Boutique Swim Centre was born from this discovery. Prioritising the joy of play-based learning by creating a safe and stimulating environment where children of different ages can explore water at their own pace. The QidzMov® ideology encourages exploration and weaves a child's emotions and natural behaviours into the fun. It's not just about splashing around; it's about building a foundation for lifelong swimming skills while nurturing a child's learning confidence.

But the magic doesn't stop there. With his guidance, JQTS®, or JoyLearn Quality Teaching System, ensures each child receives a personalised learning experience. Passionate teachers become like water guides, analysing a child's growth and development and tailoring their teaching methods to their unique learning style. This evidence-based approach ensures children aren't just learning to swim; they're thriving in a way that works best for them.

Finns Boutique Swim Centre is more than just a swim school. It's a place where children can blossom, their confidence growing alongside their aquatic skills. Finns Boutique Swim Centre's innovative approach not only disrupts traditional swim lessons but also envisions a future where learning becomes a joyful exploration, tailored to each child's unique needs. At Finns Boutique Swim Centre, they're not just making waves in pools; they're making waves in the way children learn and build a lifelong love for water.


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