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Our ways of recruiting swim teachers

Constantly keeping our eyes open for mature, energetic, fun-loving, creative and enthusiastic people.

At Finns Boutique Swim Centre, we take pride in child-centered approach. A child-centered approach encourages children to take learning aquatic education & swimming programs into their own hands in a safe and comfortable water environment. Our aquatic education & swimming programs are based on the belief that children are active participants in their learning. Contrary to the conventional swimming curriculum involving strict soldier-like routine, we take “water play” seriously with active listening and observation of each individual child. The aim is to create a curriculum based on water play activities, planned for each individual child in different age groups, according to the child’s attributes and needs, at his/her own pace.

We pick teachers with enthusiasm, passion and finds satisfaction working with children. Satisfaction is something that we all want from our jobs. Working with children offers the potential to find exactly that, especially if you love kids. And there are plenty of possibilities. When it comes to careers involving children, the variety is wider than ever. 


These teachers are tasked with supporting basic cognitive, behavioral, social and physical developmental milestones, patience, creativity, a love for the field in child development and early childhood education.

But in addition to the educational requirements, certain other characteristics will stack the odds in your favor in terms of becoming an effective Finns Swim Teacher.

  • Passion for Teaching and Children

  • Comfortable being in water - able to swim all strokes is not necessary.

  • Able to create and maintain an atmosphere for learning.

  • Provide a motivational environment.

  • Patience and a sense of humor.

  • Finds playing with children indispensable.

  • Excellent communication skills with pupils.

  • Enjoy expressing one’s talents and strengths.

  • Embrace creativity, analytical and critical thinking.

  • Strive to upgrade self professional competence.

  • Active part in continuing professional development.

  • Promote a positive climate.

  • Ability to self reflect and self regulate.

  • Friendly and with engaging personality.

  • Emotionally Intelligent.

  • Ability to share information through communication and collaboration.

  • Honest to oneself and others.

  • Flexible, ability to except changes and challenges.

  • Supportive, motivated and inspiring to self and others.

  • Display leadership qualities.

Although we do not expect everyone to have all of these qualities before they are enlisted, as Finns will provide variety of training and development as Finns Swim Teachers at its highest potential.

At Finns you’ll find these qualities in our teachers. We love what we do, and it shows.

Call or Whatsapp 012 317 2031 today to fix up an appointment to come meet us or email us at

Swim Teacher

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