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One of the things that surprises us at Finns time and time again is how children’s brains work and how they actually do when they are learning how to swim from the very beginning. How they think and learn, socialise and communicate, movement abilities. All these mean so much to us.


Our guidance also emphasises the importance of creating JOY OF LEARNING in water, through the child's cognitive and physical development, as well as social emotion enrichment. There is an emphasis on physical play activity. Play, nonetheless, is a serious business, at least for our educators, because it gives children vital skills in how to learn.

"Teach a child to swim and he will learn how to move in the water. Teach a child with THE JOY OF LEARNING, and he will acquire not only the skills to swim but a LIFETIME PASSION!"


-Bryan Yap (Founder of Finns BSC)

In Finns Boutique Swim Centre, we use a unique teaching curriculum called JoyLearn™ (JQTS)

much better choice for your baby and child

JoyLearn™ Quality Teaching System (JQTS) is a method that emphasizes the joy of learning, to enhance teachers and students experience in aquatic education. In JQTS - spiral curriculum, Joy of learning plays an important role in delivering quality teaching, affecting the teaching methodology of the teacher. Unlike classroom teaching, learning in the water can be extremely stressful and energy-consuming for a child. Swimming classes are often conduct based on the focus to achieve the swimming strokes, which often leads to a lack of joy in the learning process. Could joy help a child significantly to learn how to swim? Definitely yes! The joy of learning occurs quickly and actively, during the process and after the process as the student achieves results. It carries motivation and engagement in the lessons, hence optimizes the learning process. Therefore learning for children continues.

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